Welcome to AVK Dance Studio


Hi my name is… 
Arialle V. Kennedy and it’s been argued that I’ve been dancing since I was in my mother’s womb; however, technically I was trained at Ballet Spartanburg under the direction of Carlos Agudelo and Lona Gomez. To further my studies, I moved to New York City and trained as a fellowship (scholarship) student at The Ailey School. For three years I immersed myself into this hub for the Lester Horton technique and was enriched by the diverse dance curriculum. As I studied with master teachers like Ana Marie Forsythe, Milton Myers, Graciela Kozak,and Jacqueline Buglisi, I attained foundational principles of various technical styles. 
Since the completion of my studies, I have taken the advantage to indulge in my technical diversity by performing as a featured dancer with Columbia Classical Ballet, Foot Prints Dance Company, and Surati Indian Dance Company. Most recently I have been fortunate to perform both internationally—traveling through east and west Europe, Canada, and the Caribbean with Emmy Award winning RWS & Associates/ Holland America and locally in the feature film, Bolden.

In addition to fulfilling my passion as a performer, I have taken the opportunity to satisfy my love for teaching. I have been privileged to share my experiences, knowledge, and fortitude with aspiring dancers throughout North America, including the students at Harlem School of the Arts in New York City, Cirque Du Soleil in Canada and currently with the students at Carver Middle School and Ballet Spartanburg in South Carolina.

As a Teacher

I believe it is important to nurture potential by balancing both discipline with encouragement and direction with freedom—which is why I am deliberate with my time spent with the dancers. Together, we begin the process of discovery by exploring the many facets of their artistry: what it means to be an artist, how to paint with your limbs, how to be an individual while taking direction from a choreographer or artistic director, and how to hear and feel the music to create dynamic movement. Each class aims to provide the students with the essential tools necessary to be a proficient dancer and to further inspire them to move and live with purpose while tenaciously pursuing their dreams.

Dancer Talk!

is something that I am very excited about! It is an open forum allowing dancers the opportunity to receive encouragement, constructive feedback, and to ask any burning questions. I am a big believer in the benefits of goal planning, which is why I take the time to help the dancers create action plans for achieving their goals. My mantra is that with much preparation, fortitude, and tons of faith, dancers can be successful.